HOUSTON IS PUMPING IRON! Amazing Comic Con Spotlights Popular IRON MAN Creator BOB LAYTON

Amazing Comic Con continues its tradition in featuring the ARCHITECTS OF POP CULTURE at our events. Houston Comic Con is proud to welcome one of the most influential Iron Man writer/artists- BOB LAYTON.

Bob Layton twice saved Marvel’s Iron Man franchise from termination.
This occurred for the first time in 1978, when Bob took over the slumping title, turning it around from near cancellation to a half million per issue seller just a few short years late. Bob Layton was able to repeat this feat again in the mid-eighties, where Layton came back and revitalized the title with the ground-breaking Silver Centurion Armor/Costume design, and then with The Armor Wars epic.

Bob Layton’s work was directly responsible for many of the elements found in the Avengers and Iron Man film franchises-
From the rock star, wise-cracking Tony Stark, to the introduction of Jim Rhodes (War Machine), to his nemesis Justin Hammer, and depicting the Hall of Iron Men workshop. From the Demon in the Bottle/alcoholic story line, variant specialty armors, the Malibu beach mansion and headquarters—these are merely a few of Layton’s contributions to the Iron Man lexicon. As such, Bob Layton is universally recognized by the comic industry as the ‘definitive Iron Man creator’ of the modern era.

Bob Layton’s decades spanning career is comprised more than just his Golden Avenger legacy. He is credited with Marvel’s early mini series, “Hercules: Prince of Power”, and expanded the X-Men franchise with the first issues of X-Factor. Bob Layton later built the Valiant Universe, serving as its editor-in-chief/Senior VP, and continues to work in Comics, Film, and TV today.

Bob Layton will be featured at the Amazing Houston Comic Con. He will be available for autographs, commissions, and meeting the fans through out the weekend. Layton joins a top roster of comic creators which includes Headline Guests Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld, along with featured talent Herb Trimpe, Len Wein, Scott Lobdell, and more.

Amazing Houston Comic Con launches Labor Day Weekend, August 29-30-31 at the George R Brown Convention Center in the Heart of Houston. Tickets are available NOW by ordering online.